DrugStars App Review

With so many health apps on the market right now, it is difficult to discern which way is up at times. Break your search down further into apps for tracking your medications and you are going to bombarded with a plethora of options. What if one application could make medication compliance something that we all looked forward too?

It just so happens that there is an app that is breaking into the US market. It already exists in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, but the states represent a new potential for consumer base growth. Okay, I’ll stop with the lingering on and dragging things out. Onto the good stuff!

DrugStars is an app that truly adds incentive into your daily medication routine. For each medication you take, you receive a star. One star equals one cent. For every fifty stars that you earn, it makes you eligible to make a donation to the patient organization of your choice. So, you’re sitting here thinking, “when are we getting to the, what’s in it for me portion?” Here it is…each time that you donate fifty stars, you will be placed into a monthly raffle for health-related gift cards. These are recognized at many locations.

Fifty stars may seem like a lot, but considering that you get one star per day for each medication that you take as needed, in addition to a star for each of your scheduled medications. Then the deal starts to sweeten a little bit. This app also includes the ability  to review each of your medications–the result fifty stars per medication!

Adding the additional feature of being able to receive clinical trial information and newsletters makes this the perfect app for any of us who are on medications. Patient organizations can also team up to receive donations. This app all around seems to satisfy the needs of a multitude of populations.

Apple users and GooglePlay store users are in luck. There is a version for both stores…here are the links. Also feel free to go to for more information.




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