High centered by life

I was planning to write a blog about how successful my surgery was last week. I was planning to write it a few days ago. Instead my body and life took a detour.

The news that you have been waiting for…”yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” At least that’s what I have wanted to put for so long. I’ve been planning for the day that it would be appropriate to gingerly place this one-liner into a post. Today seems appropriate to do that.

Life has not gone as planned. Surgery was successful; at least I think it was. My sutures are still in place until next Tuesday. At this point there is very limited mobility of my head due to the restrictions of the stitches. My incision is much larger than I had anticipated. It extends across the entire back of my skull.

My husband had already seen the incision and had maintained a straight face while not telling me that I was pretty much split ear to ear. Later that evening, I had one of the Respiratory Therapists take a picture so that I had a baseline to refer to once we came home. One glance and the phone almost fell to the floor.

It was quickly after that point, that I realized the paperwork that I had at home only referred to the greater occipital nerves and not the lesser occipital nerves. Thus, the confusion. Don’t get me wrong, I would have proceeded with surgery regardless of how large an incision there was. The shock value was a little more than anticipated.

We also had some post-operative issues that needed monitoring. Things like not being able to touch the left side of my neck the next day and a “squishy” spot above my incision raised the concern for hematoma formation.

All surgeries carry inherent risks. Even elective procedures face hiccups, especially when combined with numerous chronic illnesses. There is much more to come; probably two or more blogs. I’m going to leave you on a cliff for the moment, because I don’t have the energy to continue typing and this seems like an appropriate point to step away.

Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter, N–nap.


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