Stories That Impact Healthcare

There are health care conferences hundreds of times throughout the year in the United States and thousands internationally. What is the one things missing from 99% of those conferences? Patients.

If it weren’t for patients, how would a hospital be able to stay open? How would doctor offices maintain staff? As many times as, we may feel like everything in medicine is going against us, we are the reason that it exists.

How can we make a difference? Stories. Stories make more impact than a diagnosis. People remember stories, they don’t remember medical record numbers.

This Thursday on 5/17/2018, there is a conference that involves patients. It is people telling stories about how they went around the obstacles and made a difference despite the odds and despite not receiving care that was adequate.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a nurse and I loved my job each day. I’ll never regret my career decision. However, I’m also a patient and there are a lot of things that need to change. Seeing things from both sides of the fence makes many issues even more urgent.

If you think there is something wrong with our health care system and wish somebody would listen, this is the conference for you. It’s called ‘What’s the Fix.’ You’ll love this, the theme: people kicking the hell out of health care.

You can still register and attend online and it’s free. My blog will also have the Twitter stream from the conference, so you can see everything that people are saying. If I caught your interest at all then wander over to the following website and sign up.

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